Digital Signage


Digital Signage

Take your advertising to the next level — increase your exposure with digital signage, the modern version of the poster, banner or billboard.

Digital signage offers a cost-effective and flexible alternative to print advertising. The "content" can be updated remotely and rapidly, with no need to wait for printing or re-installation. You can display new content at different times of the day, seasonally, or whenever you like.

A Well-placed Ad

Digital signage offers the latest in advertising opportunities. From displays in the mall and airports, to smaller office suites, you can place your ad in front of your target audience, quickly and easily.

Easy Content Control

Content control is easy with digital signage. Unlike traditional billboards and similar advertising, there's no physical replacement of the ad or displayed content. Simply update the file via web access and the new version is up and running.

Content Creation

With our partners at, you can have a professional creative team take care of content for you.


“I’ve learned not to do anything technologically unless the Manetsys team gives the okay.”
Patricia E. Nicholson