Lighting Control


Lighting Control

Most buildings today are over-lit, because lights are on at full intensity while there's ample daylight in the space. This wastes energy, creates discomfort and reduces productivity. A lighting control system can transform your work environment at the touch of a button, and help dramatically reduce your energy consumption and costs.

Color Matching

Just like your home, décor matters in the office. We have special multi-button switches that not only reduce the number of switches on the wall, but also match the color of the wall.

Plug-in Connectivity

Have a corner lamp you'd like tied into your lighting control system? Or a company sign that needs to plug in to the system? With a plug-in wall wart, you can connect standard lighting fixtures to the system.

Automatic Energy Savings

Save on your monthly electric bill with new bulbs and a lighting control system. With dimmers reducing the load to the light, as well as programmed scenes turning lights off when not in use, you can see dramatic savings over time.


“I’ve learned not to do anything technologically unless the Manetsys team gives the okay.”
Patricia E. Nicholson