Our well-defined process sets our custom systems apart.



The first step is to meet with you, discuss your needs, and propose the right systems for your customized design. We review your plans and prepare for the design and pre-wiring phase, either at the job site or our offices. This helps ensure a smooth process and an exceptional design — and lifestyle.



This is where "custom" goes into custom electronics. We take the proposed set of systems and work them into actual plans and schematics. If you want to eliminate the clutter of light switches on the wall, specific areas for audio, or a particular theme in the home theater, here's where we lay it all out.



Although there's a growing trend towards wireless solutions, a hardwired option for a majority of systems is preferred as it increases reliability, security, and efficiency. We run the wiring for communications between all your systems — from the entertainment to security and overall home control — usually from a central location carefully positioned in your home or business.



Here’s where the project truly starts to take shape. If it's new construction, then we're returning along with other contractors, including the electricians, HVAC and plumbers, to "trim" out our pre-wiring stage. All the careful planning allows our team to connect the right devices to the right wiring in the walls. They all start to "integrate" together, from the speakers and light switches, to smart thermostats, alarm panels, and other system components.



We return to put the finishing touches on your integrated systems by programming them to settings based on your personal preferences. Automatically triggering your lighting along with the alarm system, and creating customized "scenes" for your audio and video equipment, are just a sample of what we can program your system to do.